Workshops with Diane Ivey and Caitlin Hunter
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Get access to two workshops from Knit Stars Season 4:

Diane Ivey, owner of Lady Dye Yarns, shares a historical perspective and teaches us how to build more inclusive communities, together.

★ Caitlin Hunter, owner of Boyland Knitworks, teaches you colorwork, short rows, finishing and outdoor blocking – includes Caitlin’s exclusive Herkkä sweater pattern.

What is Knit Stars?

⭐ Online Learning Experience that will Light up Your Senses
Knit Stars is an all-online inspiration and learning experience that will take your knitting to the next level! The format and feature-film quality is like nothing else in the fiber space - a real treat for all of your senses, featuring the world’s leading Knit Stars. You can start watching them as soon as you purchase!

🌎 Travel Around the World from the Comfort of Your Home
You’ll feel transported around the globe! Go behind the scenes to the Stars’ own private studios, workspaces and farms, to see what inspires the Stars and drives their passion for fiber, design and sustainability.

💡 Top Quality Videos
Learn from each of the Stars in a series of super-clear, beautifully filmed, instructional workshops. All shot on location!

🏃 Take It at Your Own Pace
You own all of the workshops, so you can watch them whenever you want, on your own schedule. It’s all super-organized in short modules so you can squeeze them in between all of your other activities…or save them up and indulge in a binge-watching weekend! 

💻  Fun and Easy to Navigate Student Portal
Rewind, pause and fast-forward as needed. Return to the videos again and again, as you advance in your skills. The videos stream on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. It’s like having a whole team of Star Teachers in your pocket! Slow WIFI in your area? No problem, just download the workshop videos to your desktop or laptop to watch anytime.

 Knit Stars is Perfect for All Stages of the Fiber Journey
Whether you a beginner, a master knitter and/or crocheter, or somewhere in between! 

🧶  Bonuses!
Many Knit Stars workshops include bonus patterns from the Stars!

💙  Access to Our Ultra-Positive Facebook Group
When you purchase your first Knit Stars workshop, you get access to our private Facebook group. This ultra-positive, global group is active year-round, sharing wins, progress, pattern ideas, and encouragement. There’s no other group quite like it, anywhere!


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Amy Herzog

Amy Small

Andrea Rangel

Ann Budd

Ann Shayne & Kay Gardiner, MDK


Beata Jezek

Carson Demers

Cecelia Campochiaro

Christel Seyfarth

Hannah Fettig

Julie and Jean-Francois Asselin

Julie Weisenberger

Laura Nelkin

Lorilee Beltman

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Meghan Fernandes

Michele Wang

Nancy Marchant

Romi Hill

Stephen West

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Tamara Kelly

Tammy White

Veera Välimäki

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Hannah Thiessen

Marly Bird

Diane Ivey

Susan B. Anderson

Martha Wissing

Manos Del Uruguay

Caitlin Hunter

Åsa Söderman

Francoise Danoy

Gaye “GG” Glasspie

Gayle Roehm

Jacqueline Cieslak

Tatiana Sarasa

Tian Connaughton

Tina Tse

Yumiko Alexander

Meri Tanaka

"A huge thank-you to Shelley and the organisers of Knit Stars. You have changed my life! A whole new world of inspiration has opened up for me! It has been well worth every cent. Thank you so much!"

Martie L.

"As somebody who just started knitting not even three years ago, I can't even tell you how invigorating it's been to learn skills that I thought I wasn't ready for! And for those of us who, like me, as a teacher, can't afford to go on those wonderful global knitting adventures right get to hear and see these Stars, and feel like I'm right there with them, from the luxury of my own home...I just love it! You should definitely try it if you haven't already because it is THE BOMB DOT COM!"

Cynthia Y.

"I've been knitting for 30 years. Even though I 'think' I know everything, I have learned so much more with every class. It's made me a better knitter and given me the confidence to design and sell patterns. I am also teaching classes at my LYS. For me, it was all about getting better at my craft which I love so very much!"

Kim M.

"Once again, Knit Stars has hit it out of the park! I'm a proud member of all three Knit Stars and each one has gotten better and better! Thank you for encouraging us, helping us grow, feeding our souls as well as our skills. Thank you so much and when can I sign up for 4.0?"

Janet V.

"I was astonished. Where else could I get lessons from creative geniuses all over the world? I can't even get a one-way ticket to Colorado for what it cost. Do it! You'll be glad."

Shirley S.

"Worth every penny. I have been knitting since 1965 and have learned new things from every single presenter."

Beth K.

"I just want to send a huge THANK-YOU to Shelley and the Knit Stars team for a job well done! I enjoyed every single teacher and will be reaping the benefits of their instruction for years to come! I think I could sum up my personal experience with this Knit Stars as 'Inspired and Empowered'! I think one of the signs of a good instructor is taking your through steps in a clear and concise way, so you feel confident in embarking on something new. Each of the teachers did that for me. Knit Stars (all of them!) has been an integral part of my growth and evolution as a knitter and I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you've done and for creating this new, innovative way of bringing the worldwide knitting community together!"

Bev W.

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