Knit Stars 5.0 Fiber Artists

Jun 02, 2020

Meet the Fiber Artists

The thing that really makes the Knit Stars experience special is our community and our shared *L*O*V*E* of yarn.

Each Season, our new Stars each partner with an independent yarn dyer to create a class project or commemorative kit that really expresses their creativity and love of color.

It's always important to remember that these special yarns and kits aren't at all required to derive maximum learning and inspiration from Knit Stars. In fact, as we near the fall, we'll provide a Season 5 materials list so you can "shop" your stash or favorite yarn source.

But as the world's largest online yarn festival, we know that a Knit Stars-exclusive yarn marketplace can really pump up the fun! 

These special Season 5 yarns will be offered in two "Waves" - Wave 1 for those who've already purchased in the Earlybird signups, and Wave 2, right before the event in the fall.

Regardless of your yarn plans, we thought you’d love...

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Knit Stars Alum Update - Spring 2020

Mar 27, 2020

An image keeps running through our minds - the Italian residents join together to sing from their balconies during the lockdown. Click here to watch.

We want to keep sharing hope, inspiration and connection to our fiber friends around the world, especially right now. That's why we reached out to our Knit Stars Alumni to find out what they are doing to stay connected during these difficult times, and also see how we can continue to support their work.

Read more below. 


ARNE & CARLOS, Knit Stars 3.0 (@arnecarlos)

Though Norway is under lock-down at the moment, Carlos shares, "we are doing what we can to support our community and help those who are feeling isolated." 

Read their personal message here.

Find the ARNE & CARLOS Quarantine Knitting Mystery KAL Pattern here.

They also have a daily podcast available on their YouTube channel.

Lucy Neatby, Knit Stars 4.0 (@lucyknit)

During this time of shelter in place, Lucy...

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Knit Stars 4.0 Fiber Artists

Oct 29, 2019

Knit Stars 4.0 Fiber Artists

Knit Stars’ participants who enroll prior to the Summit have an opportunity to purchase yarns dyed exclusively for Knit Stars. No specific yarns are required in order to derive maximum learning and inspiration from Knit Stars! Regardless of your plans to purchase, we thought you’d love learning a bit more about the special fiber artists of Knit Stars 4.0!


Amano (@amanoyarns)

Knit Star Partner: Martha Wissing

Location: Peru

Amano's Yarn Story: "For thousands of years, the people of the Andes made offerings to the Inca gods, whom they believed dwelled in the mountains, the earth, the rivers and the sky. We strive to honor this history in the present time. With our hands and creativity we aim to bring you the feel if the natural resources of the Peruvian Andes. We consider our yarns a gift from the Inca gods and a taste of the Andes."

Sustainability: "The alpaca has the widest range of natural colors in the world, including black. Amano...

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Jun 11, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Knit Stars News, exclusively for Knit Stars members. We asked our Knit Stars, what do you have going on this summer? Any behind-the-scenes pics or sneak previews you can share? What's on your needles?

A couple of the Stars even offered up some exclusive discounts :)



Lucy Neatby, Knit Stars 4.0 (@lucyknit)

"Coming up very soon will be launch of my latest DK blanket - The Pyramid DK Blanket. This pattern will come complete with 15 technique video links! The pattern is in its final tech editing stages now. It will be available on my website or Rav," Lucy said.

"I’m also busy working away on my Knit Stars project - using some wonderful South American-inspired colours and using many of the class techniques. It will be fun knit and mini workshop in itself."


Martha Wissing, Knit Stars 4.0 (@marthawissing_designs)

"I’ve been having a lot of fun designing cowls that are fun to knit and can be worn multiple ways,"...

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