Jun 11, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Knit Stars News, exclusively for Knit Stars members. We asked our Knit Stars, what do you have going on this summer? Any behind-the-scenes pics or sneak previews you can share? What's on your needles?

A couple of the Stars even offered up some exclusive discounts :)



Lucy Neatby, Knit Stars 4.0 (@lucyknit)

"Coming up very soon will be launch of my latest DK blanket - The Pyramid DK Blanket. This pattern will come complete with 15 technique video links! The pattern is in its final tech editing stages now. It will be available on my website LucyNeatby.com or Rav," Lucy said.

"I’m also busy working away on my Knit Stars project - using some wonderful South American-inspired colours and using many of the class techniques. It will be fun knit and mini workshop in itself."


Martha Wissing, Knit Stars 4.0 (@marthawissing_designs)

"I’ve been having a lot of fun designing cowls that are fun to knit and can be worn multiple ways,"...

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