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This year’s Knit Stars soars to new heights in Peru, weaving together the stories of the Pacomarca Sustainable Alpaca Network and the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco, whose mission is to aid in the survival of Cusqueñan textile traditions and to provide support to the indigenous people who create them.

From there, we head east to show-and-tell the heartwarming tale of how non-profit Manos del Uruguay is working with rural women to provide jobs that are more than an income, but also an opportunity to develop personally, gain independence, preserve their roots and traditions, and remain close to their families and community.

And we criss-cross North America, from Nova Scotia to Oregon and everywhere in between…sharing the stories of knitters and crocheters, designers and dyers…all united in their passion for the craft and their desire to spread the joy of creativity.

Knit Stars is deeply committed to diversity of all kinds - race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, age, geodiversity - and the inclusion of people with disabilities, many of whom are unable to travel to access inspirational teachers. We believe this platform that we have been fortunate enough to build – together – can be a long-lasting force for the greater good. Year after year, we will continue to strive toward shining a loving spotlight on teachers, dyers and thought leaders across the broad and beautiful global spectrum that is the fiber universe.



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